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Full time inspector network in China, India & Vietnam.
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Inspections and Audits in Vietnam
Dedicated team of full time local V-Trust inspectors and auditors
Vietnam key numbers
Population97.2 million in 2018
GDP260.7 billion USD
Export222.7 billion USD
GDP growth6.81%

*All data valid for 2018.

Vietnam market

Since the mid-90s opening up to globalization and market economy a tremendous way has been achieved by the South East Asian country. Its manufacturing sector is booming (25 percent of its GDP), workers are inexpensive and young (60% are under the age of 35), foreign investments are skyrocketing (27.4 billion USD FDI in 2017), the country appears politically and socially stable and on top of it, costs are rising in China giving great opportunities for Vietnam. All indicators appear to be extra promising for one of today’s world fastest-growing economies.

But as always, nothing is either fully white or black and Vietnam makes no exception to the rule. Vietnam is still relatively new to western standards for mass production (especially compared to its Chinese neighbor), suppliers’ network still lack diversity, production process often includes handmade steps (jeopardizing overall quality) and workers are generally unskilled. This is why instead of completely abandoning the Chinese market; investors are more and more choosing to supplement Chinese operations with low-cost inputs sourced from production facilities in markets such as Vietnam (also known as China+1 model).

Based on general importers’ opinions but most importantly based on our own experience with hundreds of inspections/audits already performed in Vietnam by V-Trust, we may say that overall quality of goods “made in Vietnam” is surely not as high or as consistent as in China.

However this should not stop importers from seizing the opportunity of a great manufacturing hub with lower costs, original designs and new products. This is why V-Trust is here to help you in this challenge and support your operations in Vietnam, with its full time inspectors, its management based locally and a completely standardized quality control process.

V-Trust in Vietnam

In Vietnam, V-Trust typically inspects products belonging to home decorations, furniture, apparel, garments and footwear categories, we also inspect a growing number of electronic (mobile device, accessories), electrical (home appliance, lighting, etc) and industrial (mechanical, parts and construction equipments) products.

For more information about the type and geography of Vietnamese suppliers, you may visit our blog and this dedicated article.

As an independent third-party inspection company, V-Trust has a sound inspection network covering China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh & Cambodia, is accredited CNAS17020 (ISO/IEC17020), ILAC and IFIA (International Federation of Inspection Agencies) and certified, ISO9001:2015.

Our 300+ full-time inspectors are well trained, reliable and experienced in inspection for a wide product range. In 2018, more than 3,000 importers and buyers all over the world benefited from V-Trust inspection services, and we conducted over 5,800 inspections per month.