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How to Book V-Trust Services

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Steps of the booking process

Booking Inspection Schedule Free Consultancy
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Payment Inspection Report

(at least in advance) via V-Trust Online Booking System at or by email

Cover the inspection fee in advance based on approved quotation and inspection plan

V-Trust contacts the supplier to confirm the inspection date according to the production status

Inspection report will be sent within 24 hours after the inspection. Same day report is available.

Reach us any time regarding quality control and product improvement

You can manage your inspections online via our website from anywhere around the world.

  • V-Trust automated online system supports you 24/7 for booking inspection, choosing check list, tracking process, getting reports and sending us feedback.
  • You may archive related documents online and sort records by supplier, PO or date whenever you need them for reference.
  • You can continue to use our E-mail systems as normal if you prefer.