Credit Audit in China Checking Your Supplier’s Financial Standing and Credit History

Credit Audit in China

Credit Audit (CA) includes financial credit risk analysis based on the audited companies’ financial standing and credit history.

The information is collected from the official database of local government, financial institutions etc.

When is a suitable time to conduct a Credit Audit?

When you are planning to start important cooperation with either the new or existing suppliers, V-Trust Credit Audit can help you have an understanding about the most updated financial standing of the factory.

What criteria are covered in a Credit Audit?

Below aspects can be included in a Credit Audit:

  • Registration and ownership
  • History
  • Key executives
  • Key financial figures in the past three years
  • Industrial comparison
  • Banking
  • Operation
  • Sales and purchase
  • Payment record
  • Credit rating analysis

What is the cost of a Credit Audit?

The Credit Audit’s price is 298 USD/company. The report will be issued within two weeks after the receipt of the booking confirmation.

Values included:

  • No extra charge for travel cost
  • No extra charge for audits on Saturday or Sunday
  • Full-time experienced auditors only
  • A detailed audit report issued within 2 weeks
  • Free consultancy before and after audits

Frequently Asked Questions on Credit Audit

Why do I need a Credit Audit?

If you would like to have a financial analysis of the vendors that you are buying from, we recommend that you use V-Trust Credit Audit. Though this audit is performed without visiting the vendor site, the report will be quite helpful for you to select a trustworthy supplier because this investigation is based on the official databases and credit rating analyses from banks and the tax bureau of the local government.

What information should I send in advance when booking the Credit Audit?

Please inform your V-Trust account manager about the correct name of the company to be audited. It will be much better if you can provide the Chinese name which is the same as the name registered on its business license.

Who will I be in contact with throughout the whole process?

There will be one dedicated account manager who will be assigned as your main contact point at V-Trust. You will receive prompt responses whenever you have any questions regarding the Credit Audit arrangement.

Do I need to inform the factory about the planned Credit Audit?

It’s not a required process in the Credit Audit arrangement. Feel free to decide whether to inform the factory or not.

How long does it take to know the Credit Audit result?

V-Trust Credit Audit report is available in PDF format within two weeks after the receipt of the booking confirmation.

What if I have questions after I check V-Trust Credit Audit report?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you have any questions. The V-Trust team is always available even after the audit is completed.

What other services can I choose besides Credit Audit?