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The Biggest Product Inspection Company in Asia Using Full-Time Inspectors ONLY.

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Reasons to Use V-Trust

V-Trust offers the best inspection services with the lowest complaint rate in the industry.

We’re the first one who guarantees that only full-time inspectors are used. Some inspection companies also claim that they use full-time inspectors, but they also use many part-time and freelancers to fill gaps frequently. V-Trust insists on using only full-time inspectors to provide long-term and reliable value to our clients. The following table and chart show why using only full-time inspectors matters.

Important Factors Part-Time Inspectors Full-Time Inspectors
Performance Unstable Stable
Vulnerability to Bribery High Low
Frequency of Quality Complaints High Low
Accept Responsibility of Incorrect Reporting No Yes
Service Awareness Low High
Actual Sample Size Small Large
QC Checklist Basic Comprehensive
Inspection Cost Low High
Loss due to Unreported Defects High Low
Long-term Value Low High

No Part-Time Inspector

Only full-time inspectors are used, less bribery risks.

Reputable Service

Endorsements are gained from 12,000 customers.

Top Accreditation

All top international and national accreditation and qualifications are acquired.

Sound Network

Inspection network covers China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Pakistan.

Professional Team

360+ inspectors, 130+ engineers & customer service are with at least 3 years’ college education and 2 years’ working experience in related fields.

Flexible Arrangement

With a dedicated scheduling department and smart system, even urgent inspections are able to arrange.