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Team building 2024
Team building 2024
Team building 2024

We aboarded a night cruise on the Pearl River, admiring the radiant Canton Tower, and engaging in the teammates' talent show which enhanced the enjoyable evening. – May 2024

Team building 2024

Graceful and professional, our incredible ladies colleagues light up International Women’s Day 2024! – Mar 2024

Team building 2023
Team building 2023
Team building 2023

Barbecue and bonding in the outdoors: a special welcome event for our new team members! – Nov 2023

Team building 2023

Snapshot of V-Trust's Local Team in Bangkok, Thailand – Sept. 2023

Team building 2023
Team building 2023
Team building 2023

V-Trust Volunteer Team: Taking Action for a Cleaner Planet. Making a Difference with Heart and Trust! - Aug. 2023

Team building 2023
Team building 2023
Team building 2023

A new employee train concluded, new and seasoned employees came together for a memorable night cruise along the Pearl River. Against the stunning backdrop of the Guangzhou Tower, they posed for a group photo, capturing the essence of teamwork and camaraderie under the city’s sparkling night sky. – July 2023

Team building 2023
Team building 2023

Team spirit on and off the court: our staff’s basketball game is a perfect blend of fun and friendly competition outside work hours! – May 2023

Team building 2022
Team building 2022
Team building 2022

Striking up fun and friendly competition, our team enjoys an exhilarating curling and archery game together! – Aug 2022

Team building Photo
Team building Photo 1
Team building Photo 2
Team building Photo 3

V-Trust Southern China Team's Annual Gathering - Mar. 2022

Team building 2021
Team building 2021

Our new employees demonstrated their commitment in the classroom, deeply engaged in learning, culminating in a proud moment at their training graduation ceremony where our CEO, Dr. Ted, delivered inspiring words to celebrate the start of their journey with us. – Sep 2021

Team building 2021
Team building 2021
Team building 2021

From classroom learning to hands-on lab training, our new employee orientation provided a solid foundation for future work! – July 2021

Team building Women

Happy International Women’s Day to all of our lovely, hardworking colleagues and friends! - Mar. 2021

Team building 2021

The V-Trust Young Leaders Programmed 2020 – Building leadership skills and teamwork! - Jan. 2021

Team building 2020

Let’s go hiking with V-Trust! See you at the top. - Nov. 2020

Team building 2020-1

Happy Halloween! We visited the haunted houses of Chimlong Guangzhou for a good scare. - Oct.2020

Team building 2020-6

Bullseye! Welcoming new colleagues with a little archery. - June 2020

Team building 2019

Skiing in the sub-tropics? Our Customer Support Team hit the slopers at an indoor ski course in Guangzhou! - Nov.2019

Team building 2019-8

Group Bonding Exercise After Completion of New Colleague Training - Aug.2019

Team building 2019-1

Nurturing Bonds and Nature: Our Tree-Planting Team-Building - Mar.2019

Team building 2018-2

Colleagues joyfully trace the company logo with fireworks in Hunan, China - Sept. 2018

Team building 2018-1

The bowling team-building activity unfolds as our colleagues engage in laughter and friendly competition. - July 2018

Team building in Vietnam

V-Trust local team gathered for a collaborative teambuilding experience in Nga Trang. - May 2018

Team building in Japan

V-Trust CS Team's Top Performers Engage in Cultural Exchange in Osaka, Japan – September 2018

Team building Speed

Meet our spirited racers of CrazyRacing KartRider Game from CS Dept.12 - Feb. 2017

Team building Team 3

Post-Training Team Building Event: Strengthening Bonds with New Colleagues - July 2016

Team building in Nansha

Work Hard, Play Hard, Have Fun! – June 2016

Team building Team 2

Snapshot of Team Building Session Following Successful New Colleague Training in Guangzhou office, – Aug. 2015

Team building Team 4

Group Visit to the Museum in Foshan: Strengthening Bonds and Appreciating History – May 2015

Team building in Guilin

Annual Gathering in Yangshuo, Guangxi: Reflecting, Bonding, and Inspiring - March 2015

Team building in Yangjiang

Memorable Beach Graduation Moment: Commemorating Team's Achievements and Togetherness, Yangjiang – May 2014

Team building in 2014-2

Annual gathering in Qiangyuan, embracing the motto: Working Hard to Forge the Future, Creating a New Brilliance! - Mar. 2014

Team building photo

The annual gathering in Zhaoqing - Mar. 2014

Team building Our team 5

V-Trust Guangzhou Office Staff – Sept. 2012

Team building Our team 8

Zhejiang Province Team's Unforgettable Experience: Exploring Hengdian World Studio Together – Aug. 2012

Team building Our team 1

Embracing Southern China's Culture: Guangzhou Office Staff Guides New Colleagues through Lingnan Impression Garden – Mar. 2012

Team building Our team 3

V-Trust Guangzhou Office, Within 10 Minutes Walk from Canton Fair Complex - 2011