Social Compliance Audit Identify Potential Ethical Compliance Issues

Social Compliance Audit In China, Vietnam and India

Social Audit (SA), also known as Social Compliance Audit or Corporate Social Responsibility Audit, measures the suppliers’ social performance according to the international human rights norms and national laws. V-Trust social audit can help you have an understanding about the potential disruption risk in your supply chain caused by ethical compliance issues.

V-Trust is a member firm of the APSCA (Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors), and is an Affiliate Audit Company of Sedex.

When is a suitable time to conduct a Social Compliance Audit?

When you are planning to start new cooperation with either new or existing suppliers, V-Trust Social Audit can help you do a thorough check on the most updated social performance of the factory. We can also arrange regular follow-up audit on a yearly basis after you have started the cooperation.

What criteria are covered in a Social Compliance Audit?

V-Trust Social Audit can cover the following aspects:

  • Health and safety
  • Environmental management
  • Wages and working hours
  • Child labor & young labor
  • Freedom of association
  • Discrimination

What is the cost of a Social Compliance Audit?

Our standard all-inclusive Social Audit cost is 498 USD/man-day (no hidden fees) in any major manufacturing clusters in ChinaVietnam and India.

Values included:

  • No extra charge for travel cost
  • No extra charge for audits on Saturday or Sunday
  • Full-time experienced auditors only
  • A detailed audit report with CAP issued within 3 days
  • Free consultancy before and after audits

Frequently Asked Questions on Social Compliance Audit

Why do I need a Social Compliance Audit?

Increasing numbers of brands and retailers expect their suppliers to have transparency throughout their supply chains and achieve sustainability. Ethical compliance problems influence their purchasing decisions when looking for partners. V-Trust Social Audit can help detect the risk at your factory and provide an actionable correction plan for improvement.

How many days in advance should I book the Social Compliance Audit?

Though sometimes it's possible to book next-day audit for many manufacturing clusters where V-Trust has a large team of full-time auditors, we recommend booking with us at least three days in advance. Early booking is important for appropriate scheduling and the good preparation before the audit.

Who will I be in contact with throughout the whole process?

There will be one dedicated account manager who will be assigned as your main contact point at V-Trust. You will receive prompt responses whenever you have any questions regarding the Social Audit arrangement.

Do I need to inform the factory about the planned Social Compliance Audit?

V-Trust can arrange both pre-scheduled and un-announced audits. For pre-scheduled audits, your account manager at V-Trust contacts the factory to confirm the actual audit date before each audit. If you have informed the factory in advance that you will commission V-Trust to make the audit, this confirmation process will go much more smoothly.

Can I discuss with you in details about my own Social Compliance Audit requirement?

Absolutely! V-Trust auditors normally measure the factory’s performance through either of the below audits:

- Code of Conduct (CoC): V-Trust provides independent and impartial code of conduct audit services which can be aligned with local legislation, international norms or the client’s own criteria.

- SEDEX Member’s Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA): SMETA covers ETI Base Code principles and also reviews performance against human rights, responsible recruitment practices, management systems implementation etc.

How long does it take to know the Social Compliance Audit result?

The official report, reviewed and signed by an authorized V-Trust technical manager, will be available within 3 days after each audit. Same day CAP report is available if you would like to know about the main audit findings on the same day. V-Trust has the highest same day report rate in the inspection industry.

What if I have questions after I check my V-Trust Social Compliance Audit report?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you have any questions. The V-Trust team is always available even after the audit is completed.

What other services can I choose besides Social Compliance Audit?