Inspection Services for Refurbished & Used Phones in Asia

Inspection Services for Refurbished & Used Phones in Asia including China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan and Cambodia

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) of refurbished & used phones in Asia is the most common inspection type to confirm the quality of the order at your supplier’s facility. Each phone undergoes detailed function tests with testing software and visual assessment & quality grading by our engineers.

Whether you are buying refurbished iPhones in China, or other second-hand Android mobiles, such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, or iPads & Android tablets in Asian countries, V-Trust Inspection Team will support you by testing the quality of the used phones so you can import fully functional, unlocked, clean, and ready-to-sell products.

Every device is carefully inspected according to our standards and procedures. V-Trust has developed a grading system from A+ to NG to help customers identify an acceptable level of quality and import qualified items.

When to conduct an Inspection of Refurbished & Used Phones

A Pre-Shipment Inspection of refurbished & used phones is suggested to be scheduled at least 3 working days before the planned loading date, so that the buyer can have enough time to check the report and decide whether to release the shipment as planned, or to discuss corrective action with the supplier.

Inspection Criteria for Refurbished & Used Phones

V-Trust’s general checklist for on-site inspection of refurbished & used mobile phones includes the following criteria:

  • Quantity
  • Color check
  • Components
  • Product appearance
  • Video / Photo function
  • IMEI check
  • Performance & function
  • Charging
  • Brand check
  • Buttons
  • Battery health
  • Model check
  • SIM card reading & call
  • GPS sensor
  • Memory capacity
  • Speaker function
  • Bluetooth
  • Display backlight
  • Earphone function
  • Flashlight
  • Fingerprint & Face ID
  • Microphone function
  • Proximity / light sensors
  • SD Card
  • Vibration of motor
  • Accelerometer
  • FMIP status
  • WIFI/2G/3G/4G/5G network
  • Screen touch points & pixilation

In addition to the above aspects, we can also carry out a tailor-made checking plan according to your own testing plan and inspection requirements.

Grading scale for Refurbished & Used Phone Inspections

Every phone’s function and overall physical state is inspected and evaluated in accordance with our grading system from A+ to NG.

  • GRADE A+: The devices are unlocked, pass all V-Trust tests, and are fully functional. Their appearance looks flawless; it's like a new phone. No signs of use.
  • GRADE A: The devices are unlocked, pass all V-Trust tests, and are fully functional. They look new. They appear flawless at first glance and are in very good condition. They have very slight signs of use.
  • GRADE B: The devices are unlocked, pass all V-Trust tests, and are fully functional. They show signs of wear and tear from normal use and have slightly visible scratches on the exterior.
  • GRADE C: The devices are unlocked, pass all V-Trust tests, and are fully functional. They show very obvious signs of use but are in good condition. They have obvious scratches as well as obvious signs of wear and tear.
  • NG: The devices are locked or have function problems. The device needs to be changed and reworked.

Cost of an Inspection of Refurbished & Used Phones in Asia

Our standard all-inclusive inspection cost is USD268/man day (no hidden fees) in any major manufacturing clusters in China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia and Cambodia.

Values included:

  • No extra charge for testing software
  • No extra charge for travel cost
  • No extra charges for inspections on Saturday or Sunday
  • Full-time experienced inspectors only
  • A detailed inspection report issued within 24 hours
  • Free consultancy before and after inspections

Frequently Asked Questions on Inspection of Refurbished & Used Phones

Why do I need an inspection for used mobile phones?

If you have experienced problems or would like to take a precaution in terms of function, appearance, packaging, or overall quality of refurbished & used phones imported from China, India, Thailand or other Asian country, product inspection services are your solution. V-Trust product inspection service can help you obtain an accurate understanding of the quality of the goods without going to the factory by yourself.

How many pieces of refurbished phones can you check within 1 man-day?

During the inspection of refurbished and used phones, the function and quality of every device is evaluated. Usually, during 1 man-day we can inspect 80-100 pcs of refurbished phones, depending on the items and software used.

Can you check whether the phone is locked?

During the inspection, V-Trust inspector will conduct an FMIP check to see whether the phone is locked / unlocked. If the phone is locked, it’s graded NG and doesn’t pass the inspection.

Can you use my grading system and software in the inspections of my order?

Sure! Coordinate your grading system & inspection software with your account manager and we can follow your grading system.

How many days in advance should I book the pre-shipment inspection?

Though sometimes it's possible to book next-day inspections for many manufacturing clusters in China and other Asian countries where V-Trust has a large team of full-time inspectors, we recommend booking with us at least three days in advance. Early booking is important for appropriate scheduling and good preparation before the inspection.

Who will I be in contact with throughout the whole process?

There will be one dedicated account manager who will be assigned as your main contact point at V-Trust. You will receive prompt responses whenever you have any questions regarding the inspection arrangement.

Do I need to send you an approved sample?

It would be great if you can send the approved sample to V-Trust before the inspection for reference. Compared with product photos or specification documents, real product samples allow V-Trust engineers to do a more thorough comparison check.

Do I need to inform the supplier about the planned inspection?

Yes. Your account manager at V-Trust contacts the factory to confirm the actual inspection date before each inspection. If you have informed the factory in advance that you will commission V-Trust to conduct the inspection, this confirmation process will go much more smoothly. Therefore, you can include this message in the purchase order: When the order is completed, the order shall be inspected by V-Trust Inspection Service (

Can I discuss with you in detail about my own inspection criteria?

Absolutely! Though V-Trust has 2,500+ checklists for different product categories, we encourage our clients to share whether they have special requirements for the inspections, or issues that they hope the inspector can pay special attention to. We can combine them into a tailor-made checklist for inspection reference.

How long does it take to receive the inspection result?

The official report, reviewed and signed by an authorized V-Trust technical manager, will be available within 24 hours after each inspection. Same day report is available if you would like to know about the inspection findings on the same day. V-Trust has the highest same day report rate in the inspection industry.

What if I have questions after I check my V-Trust report?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you have any questions. V-Trust team is always available even after the inspection is completed.

What other services can I choose besides inspection of refurbished & used phones?

Contact us now for more information about quality control or supplier evaluation in Asia.