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Production Monitoring in Asia

including China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Pakistan

For your important or time-sensitive productions, V-Trust’s inspector can stay at the factory throughout the production for weeks or months.

The inspectors will monitor the production, confirm schedule, supervise the factory's internal quality control, conduct random inspections of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products and send a detailed report to you every day.

When is a suitable time to conduct a Production Monitoring?

V-Trust production monitoring can start as early as when most of the raw materials have arrived at the factory and the production has started, and it can last till all the goods have been packed into the cartons. Clients can also choose to focus on certain production process which is expected to have higher risk of quality problem.

What criteria are covered in a Production Monitoring?

V-Trust can cover below sections and points during Production Monitoring Inspection:

Quantity Company profile (General information)
Workmanship Constant observation
On-site tests Semi-finished product check
Product specification Raw materials check
Packing Production schedule
Marking & labeling Daily CAP reports

In addition to the above aspects, we can also carry out a tailor-made checking plan according to your special requirements.

What is the cost of a Production Monitoring?

Our standard all-inclusive inspection cost is 268 USD/man-day (no hidden fees) in any major manufacturing clusters in Asia. For more details on your specific Production Monitoring project quote, please contact us.

Values included:

  • No extra charge for travel cost
  • No extra charge for inspections on Saturday or Sunday
  • Full-time experienced inspectors only
  • A detailed inspection report issued within 24 hours
  • Free consultancy before and after inspections

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Frequently Asked Questions on Production Monitoring

  • Why do I need Production Monitoring?

    If you are worried about or have experienced problems such as poor quality, incorrect shipments, or wrong packaging for goods imported from Asia, product inspection service is your solution. V-Trust production monitoring service can help you effectively control the quality at the earliest stage of production.

  • How many days in advance should I book the production monitoring?

    Though sometimes it's possible to book next-day inspections for many manufacturing clusters where V-Trust has a large team of full-time inspectors, we recommend booking with us at least three days in advance. Early booking is important for appropriate scheduling and the good preparation before the inspection.

  • Who will I be in contact with throughout the whole process?

    There will be one dedicated account manager who will be assigned as your main contact point at V-Trust. You will receive prompt responses whenever you have any questions regarding the inspection arrangement.

  • Do I need to send you an approved sample?

    It would be great if you can send the approved sample to V-Trust before the inspection for reference. Compared with product photos or specification documents, a real product sample allows V-Trust engineers to do a more thorough comparison check.

  • Do I need to inform the factory about the planned inspection?

    Yes. Your account manager at V-Trust contacts the factory to confirm the inspection plan before each inspection. If you have informed the factory in advance that you will commission V-Trust to make the inspection, this confirmation process will go much more smoothly. Therefore, you can include this message in the purchase order: The order’s production shall be monitored by V-Trust Inspection Service (

  • Can I discuss with you in details about my own inspection criteria?

    Absolutely! We encourage the clients to share whether they have special requirements for the inspections, or issues that they hope that the inspector can pay attention to. We can combine them into a tailor-made checklist for inspection reference.

  • How long does it take to know the inspection result?

    The official report, reviewed and signed by an authorized V-Trust technical manager, will be available within 24 hours after each inspection. Same day report is available if you would like to know about the inspection findings on the same day. V-Trust has the highest same day report rate in the inspection industry.

  • What if I have questions after I check V-Trust report?

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you have any questions. The V-Trust team is always available even after the inspection is completed.

  • What other services can I choose besides production monitoring?

    Besides production monitoring, V-Trust also provides other services like pre-shipment inspection, during production inspection, container loading supervision, factory audit, social compliance audit, credit audit, laboratory testing, product certification, etc.