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Product Inspections Resumed in Bangladesh

6 / 11 / 2020

V-Trust Bangladesh team have resumed operations starting from this month. Since May 31, 2020, Bangladesh has further eased its coronavirus lockdown restrictions and allowed businesses to reopen after a month-long epidemic prevention lockdown, and the national Eid ul-Fitr holiday celebration.

We’ve had a meeting with our local team in Dhaka to better understand the updated situation, and would like to share the answers of the questions many buyers are concerned with.

Are all areas of Bangladesh opened and back to normal operations?

These days the government is reevaluating all areas based on the number of confirmed cases. Currently, the yellow and green areas of Bangladesh are opened and remain active to help businesses to recover. The red areas, such as East Rajabazar, are temporarily closed for epidemic prevention measures.

Is it easy to travel to the factory? 

There are no travel restrictions now, however travelling itself is not as easy as before due to rising travelling costs during Covid-19. We have to follow social distancing rules, and thus have to pay higher prices for the ride. Mostly we travel by a car, or CNG (small three wheeled cars) to reach the factories, and drive back home after inspections.

How are the factories operating right now?

Factories are opened following government rules. Before resuming operations they need to adjust workflow with regards to social distancing, as well as provide all workers with PPE, such as face masks and hand sanitizers. 

To third-party inspectors, they also apply preventive measures: before entering the factory site we need to undergo body temperature checks, spray clothes and bags with antibacterial solutions, as well as use potash on our shoes' outsoles – each factory has its own prevention measures.

Have all workers returned to the factories?

The majority of workers and management (~60-70%) are back at the factories already, however some of them still follow social distancing rules and work from home.

Sourcing from Bangladesh provides good opportunities for lower product costs and new product ideas. V-Trust would be glad to support your operations in Bangladesh by providing Product Inspections and Factory Audits.

V-Trust Inspections and Audits in Bangladesh

• Guaranteed all-inclusive price of 268 USD per man-day in Bangladesh manufacturing regions. For our network in Bangladesh, refer to link.
• Full-time inspectors only, no part-time.
• No extra charge for travelling expenses.
• No extra charge for inspections on weekends.
• Inspection report delivered within 24 hours after the inspection.

Apart from Bangladesh, V-Trust service coverage network includes China, India, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. If you have any upcoming shipments from these areas, our team would be glad to help with consultation and organization of your QC projects.

For more information concerning quality control, please feel free to contact us at info@v-trust.com


V-Trust team
Tatiana Trukhina

- Graduated with honors in Asian Studies at Higher School of Economics
- Delegate on International Youth Summits (BRICS, SCO)
- Experienced in International trade with Asian countries
- 4 years of working in Quality Control industry
- 11 years experience in China
- Fluent in English, Chinese (HSK6) and Russian

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