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Why Chinese inspection companies?

3 / 1 / 2013

With the change of the trading environment and with the rapid development of E-commerce business, buyers tend to source and buy from China directly. They are eager to find some quality control partners to help them keep away from the risks of receiving products of poor quality. 

Around twenty years ago, western inspection companies, like Intertek, SGS, BV, were the main forces in this industry in China. By the late 1990s some Chinese local inspection companies were set up to meet the increasing market demand. Overseas buyers are having more options when choosing their quality control partners. Why do many buyers choose Chinese inspection companies instead of Western inspection companies now?

The western inspection companies have their obvious advantages in their background. Especially some famous inspection companies, like those three mentioned above, have a pretty long history. After many years’ accumulation and development, they have strong technological reserves, well-found management structure, stable sales pipeline and worldwide network.

On the other hand, the disadvantages of western inspection companies are also obvious.

1) They have very high cooperation costs, thus they charge about 20%-40% higher than the Chinese local inspection companies do.
2) Western inspection companies have their fixed operation method and usually do not offer tailor-made services to customers. They prefer to focus on the technology instead of demands of the customers’.
3) For the biggest western companies, they do not care about individual companies.
4) For many other western inspection companies, they do not have good networks in China. They have to outsource their inspections to local Chinese companies. Many western companies also use part time inspectors.

The Chinese local inspection companies have become more and more active since 2000. Benefited from the rapid development of the education and science in China in recent 20 years, local inspection companies are getting stronger in technology and management. They are capable to play a more important role in nowadays inspection industry. Besides, they absorb a lot of experienced technical personnel from the west inspection companies, which also strengthen their technical forces.

Unlike western inspection companies who always want to build up a worldwide inspection network, Chinese local inspection companies focus on the inspections in China so that they can provide prompt action to ensure that the customers’ requirements are met.

One of the greatest strengths of Chinese local inspection companies is that they are familiar with the domestic situation and environment. They know how to communicate with the suppliers to get their support for the buyers. They are good at managing their inspection team and their performance.

Hard-working is one of the symbols of Chinese local inspection companies. They are serious about their jobs and always try their best. They are concerned about what customers think and need. They listen to their customers no matter the customers are big or small, old or new. They are willing to work at night and in their holiday so that they can avoid the time difference between the east and the west and always give prompt response and support to customers.

V-Trust team
Clara Chen
Bachelor, EMBA
8 years experience in export business
7 years experience in customer service in inspection industry
Familiar with light industrial products, garment and textile
AQSIQ Inspector Qualification Certificate

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