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Why Approved Samples are Worth the Investment

10 / 20 / 2022

In a recent inspection performed on beauty skincare packaging containers, our inspector noticed that the client’s labeling didn’t match up in a way that greatly affects the marketability of the final product. The client’s order was for plastic bottles that will later contain 1 fl oz / 30ml of a skincare product, to be filled in a different country. However, the bottles were all made with printed labeling for 0.9 fl ox / 27ml. This created a huge problem for the buyer because the order was already completed with over 5,000 units, thus forcing every unit to be reworked before leaving the factory.

The error came from an incorrect artwork file being used for printing. And even though this mistake should have been noticed during production, with no approved sample on-site to provide a second layer of QC protection, it decreased the chances of the factory catching this error.

Receiving your first samples, making change requests, resending samples for approval… The entire process can be profoundly time-consuming. But having approved samples at your factories helps to give them a better ability to check their own QC during production. In a previous blog Reference Sample | How to Confirm It Before Placing an Order, we discuss the many details involving an approved sample. And getting approved samples on-site is easier than you think.

V-Trust offers Sample Check services as a great way to get detailed information on the products you are considering buying from Asia, without having to wait for an item to be shipped overseas for approval. V-Trust can receive your samples quickly in our office and create a detailed report listing the specifications against your requirements and the quality issues. If issues are uncovered, the factory can reproduce another sample for faster final approval.

For more information about sample checking or other quality control services, contact us at info@v-trust.com.

V-Trust team
Gregory Johnson
Account Manager
- GIA Graduate Gemologist
- 12 years’ experience in Asia
- 18 years’ combined experience in international trade and quality control
- Fluent in English and Mandarin

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