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Sourcing factories with good customer service

7 / 22 / 2013

Lately, Chinese factories and companies have been working to improve customer service.

Below are many points that can influence the level of a customer service in a factory:

  • Overworked staff
  • Lack of incentive
  • Insufficient systems
  • Interests focused on selling
  • Language barriers that can lead to future
    mistakes in the orders
  • No assistance provided during and after the orders
  • Poor accountability
  • Poor communication skills
  • Including many others


Over the years Chinese factories have shown to offer poor customer service making it more difficult for customers to find a good partner to work with. Researches show that this picture is changing.

As more and more customers buy products for the first time from China. The first impression a customer has could decide whether he will work with that supplier or not. This being the case many Chinese companies are working to improve communication.

With the growing economy and increase of overseas interests in China, competition is forcing companies to attract and keep customers satisfied. Hiring multinational staff, improving customer’s data base, keeping track of valued customers, providing more assistance throughout the orders and making sure the customers interests are being taken care of, are a few very important points that we can notice factories are developing day-by-day.

Making a good first-impression, sending the customer away happy and satisfied and bringing them back is what will determine the efficiency of a company’s customer service.

Constant development and increase of customer service will help factories in China to maintain loyal customers. Though many are striving to improve you should note that many factories still have very poor communication skills. To find the right long term partner you should look for a factory that has strong customer support so that your needs can be understood and met.

V-Trust team
Juliana Orenes
Graduated in Business Management at FACAMP, Top 10 University in Brazil
Living in China since 2009, acquiring cultural and work experience
4 years experience in Multinational Company
7 years experience with customer service

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