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Sample Comparison Testing Leads to Innovation

8 / 19 / 2020

When the careful task of sourcing for a product is finally over, you will then be ready for the next step of your journey: requesting product samples.

Requesting samples also assists you ensure a supplier’s expertise. You can also get a better idea of how they might work with in aspects as to how they collaborate, how quickly they are processing and shipping out orders, and how well they are packaging their products and plenty of other things.

From the point of view of a supplier, making samples to the specifications of the buyer isn’t an easy task. Not only will it take time, there is also high potential for failure because maybe not all manufacturers are capable.

Having additional suppliers as a backup is essential just in case the first few ones fail to make samples according to your standard so it makes a lot of sense to have to order samples from several suppliers.

Once you receive the samples from Supplier A, Supplier B and Supplier C (and D, E, F… preferably), you will have the following questions to be asked,

  • Which samples offer a better performance in comparison to competing products?
  • Which features are implemented better/worse in each sample?
  • What can be improved?

Sample Comparison Testing as a Solution

Having a technical insight on what each tested sample perform well can teach you things about your own products. Professionally assessing samples from multiple suppliers will provide you with valuable insight into the state of the market, and ensure what is suitable for your business and what isn’t.

It's particularly important to consistently execute benchmarking tests and make good use of them to check your specific objectives. It assists you to compare the test results to previous benchmark ratings, and to measure the performance, functionality, and safety of your products over time.

What are the results?

After the comparison tests, you will receive a comprehensive report including a specification sheet for each sample compared. We describe in detail which tests we conducted and how the samples performed in each of these tests.

You can retrace exactly how a sample performed in comparison to another in each benchmark category.  You also receive an overview of the identified product usability problems and their severity. Our engineers give recommendations for solutions to the problems, and help you to improve your product even more.

V-Trust has a solid and long history in providing quality control services including product inspection, supplier evaluation, and laboratory testing for retailers, consumer brands, private labels, and all importers and traders willing to have a comprehensive assessment before their products are shipped from Asia.

Find out how V-Trust can help set your company apart from the competition by verifying whether your products are in compliance with your requirements and standards.

Contact us now for more information at info@v-trust.com


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