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Industry Geography of Chinese Suppliers

7 / 6 / 2015

One of the advices which experts give to importers is to correlate the supplier’s location with the industry geography in China. This is an easy way to estimate if this is a trading company or a real factory which would normally be situated in an area typical for this particular industry.


As in the rest of the world, factories in China tend to be situated in regions where there is an available resource base, good markets, easy and affordable transport system, cheap energy and not expensive labor force. Main factories in China for consumer products are based in the provinces of Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hebei, Liaoning, Heilongjiang and Anhui.


Today western and central parts of China are still inferior to the development level of the modern districts of south and eastern parts most of which are Coastal China provinces.


Northern Zone of China: primarily contain the cities of state subordination - Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Hebei.


In Beijing there is a high development of electronic computer industry, pharmaceutics.


Leading industries in Tianjin are - automotive and mechanical equipment industry; microelectronics and communications equipment; marine chemical and petrochemical industry, steel products. Tianjin - one of the largest ports in China, with the largest container terminal.


Shandong is often characterized as an energy base of the country, as well as an important point of transcontinental bridge from Asia to Europe.


Hebei is one of the centers for textiles and light industry, pharmaceuticals, electronics.


Based in the eastern part of China, Shanghai city is its economic and commercial center. The leading industries include machinery, communications equipment, chemical and metallurgical industries.


The province Jiangsu is famous for mechanical, electronic, petrochemical industries as well as automobile. Zhangjiang is well-known for textiles, clothing and footwear, electronics, pharmaceuticals and many other industries.


Southern Zone of China includes Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian and others. Guangdong is famous for many kinds of production and is one of most highly developed zones of China. Among the industries are household appliances, plastic products, clothing, textiles, and electronics. Fujian has a similar production base, which is also supplemented by petrochemicals, engineering, construction, building materials industries.


North-East China Zone comprises Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces. Liaoning - is one of the developed industrial centers of the country. Currently, the main sectors of the economy here are petrochemicals, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, information technologies.


In Jilin there are enterprises operating in automotive, petrochemical industries, as well as food, pharmaceutical and electronics industries.


The industrial complex of Heilongjiang province covers automotive, chemical, electronics, food and pharmaceutical industries.


North-West Area of China includes in its membership Gansu, Shaanxi and others. Shaanxi is a big industrial center with developed industries of electronics, pharmaceuticals.


The basis of the industrial complex Gansu are non-ferrous metallurgy, power, petrochemical, machinery, building materials manufacturing.


Hebei and Hunan are provinces of Central China area. Hebei is one of centers of Chinese chemical, metallurgy, construction, engineering and food industries. Metallurgy, machinery, electronics, food and energy industries, construction materials are the main production areas of Hunan.


South-West Zone of China are Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing and others. Industrial structure of Guizhou contains China's largest aluminum processing plants, electronic industry, instrument, tobacco and distillery industries are also well developed. The main directions of Sichuan are telecommunication, hydropower, engineering, metallurgy, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Pharmaceuticals is the main production category of Chongqing, more than half of enterprises in the city are engaged in this industry.


As one can see, China covers a great deal of industry directions thus attracts millions of buyers from the rest of the world to its numerous fairs, including specialized ones where you can find exhibitors from the product industry you have interest for. 



Province City Manufacturing
Guangdong Huadu automotive industry
Shenzhen IT, telecommunications
Dongguang Electronics, furniture
Zhongshan Electromechanics, lighting, package
Shaxi Casual clothes
Shantou Underwear
Xinxing Kitchenwear
Chenghai Toys
Xintang Jeans
Yuncheng Stones
Huidong Women's footwear
Hebei Hejian Thermal insulation materials
Xianghe Furniture accessories
Qinghe Cashmere 
Botou Steel production
Yongnian Valves
Taocheng Rubber
Fujiang Huian Snacks
Jinjiang Sport leather footwear
Fengli Children clothing
Xianyou Classic furniture
Nanan Metal items
Putian Processing of jasper
Hunan Liuyang Fireworks and firecrackers
Liling Arts and crafts
Jilin Tonghua Farmaceutics, metallurgy
Liaoning Faku Architectural ceramics
Dashiqiao Magnesium products
Dandong Instruments and meters
Hubei Yichang Phosphorus, chemistry industry
Xiantao Nonwoven fabrics
Jiangsu Shengze Silk and textiles
Changshu Clothes
Kunshan IT  
Danyang Optical products
Jiangdu Leather footwear
Pizhou Wood processing
Wuxi Micro electronics, solar energy
Xishan Electro machinery
Yixing Tires and cable, tea
Yinxing Equipment for environmental protection
Jingjiang Shipbuilding
Donghai Silicone materials
Shanxi Taiyuan Stainless steel
Dingxiang Forged products
Shangdong Rizhao Seafood products
Wendeng Home textiles
Haiyang Knitted clothes
Linqing Bearings
Jiaonan Textiles equipment
Penglai Wine
Zhangqiu Transport equipment
Dezhou Solar waterheaters
Linyi Mechanical equipment
Qingcheng Steel pipes
Zhejiang Yiwu Commodities
Shaoxing Textiles   
Haining Leather products, knitwear
Chongfu Fur and leather
Xiaoshan Chemical industry
Zhuji Hosiery, pearl
Yongkan Metal items
Yuyao Casting molds
Pinhu Optics, mechanics, electronics
Longwan Valves
Leqing Electrical appliances
Cixi Household appliances
Ninghai Stationery
Wenling Plastic products
Anji Bamboo items
Luqiao Solid waste management
Lucheng Lighters
Pingyang Plastic, cloth packaging
Henan Gongyi Aluminium products, refractory materials



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