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CKD/SKD Inspection

1 / 21 / 2016


More and more buyers choose a new way to import electronic products from China which is CKD/SKD format imports. This is mostly applied to developing countries as well as some countries in South America, Africa ect.


The abbreviation CKD stands for Completely Knocked Down item. CKD is an official customs term used to import goods in completely spare parts. Importers benefit from this method as these spare parts are imposed with low custom taxes and after importing the units are assembled by importer. Here importer can take advantages of low custom fees, low labor costs, and sell units at lower competitive price. 

SKD is the abbreviation which stands for Semi Knocked Down items and is used to describe a ​product that is ​exported in a set of ​parts that have been partly put together, and which are then all put together to sell to ​customers.


Originally this method was mostly applied in car industry, but with development of international trade such format of imports is also currently applied to many other industries.


The trend of CKD/SKD imports was triggered mainly by the governments’ regulation to change the import duty structure, which made assembling of electronic items in importing countries cheaper than importing them assembled into fully working units.



V-Trust is responding to this current tendency and applying professional inspection procedures which are designed specifically for CKD/SKD products.


Generally speaking our inspection process is divided into 2 parts. The first part is to go to factory’s warehouse to check SKD/CKD parts as per the provided list. In this process, our inspector takes pictures of carton labels and their content to verify whether they are in accordance with provided data. Normally inspector does not count the total quantity of each part except for gift boxes quantity (though this part may be adjusted to client’s specific requirements). For instance, a label says that inside a carton there are 1040 instruction manuals: our inspector will open the carton, verify if it’s the manual for the exact model being inspected and then take photos for each page. Still he will not count manuals one by one and conclude whether there are really 1040 pcs of them. However, gift boxes are counted one by one and then randomly selected for further detailed inspection process and on-site tests. Meanwhile, when checking each part, V-Trust inspector will select at least 2 pcs/set and put them into a prepared carton for further assembly check.


The second part of procedure is mainly performed in factory’s inspection room: selected parts and gift boxes are taken there. Here we check workmanship of cartons and disassembled products, randomly select a standard set number of them for assembly with previously selected parts, conduct functional on-site tests on according equipment, take product/gift box measurements, check barcode/marking ect. The procedure also covers spare parts verification as per client’s request according to the provided list.


For a more detailed description of the CKD/SKD inspection procedure for a particular product and a QC sample report, please contact us and we will provide you with full professional consultation based on our technical knowledge and wide experience. 


V-Trust team
Daria Mishchuk
- 6+ years of working experience in Quality Control and trade industry, 7+ years in China
- Graduated with honors in International Economics at AltSTU
- Experienced in international trade and project management
- Experienced in Inspections for various kinds of products

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