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About our blogs

12 / 28 / 2012

There are so many English blogs about buying from China, or quality control in China. So, what makes ours different from others?


Unlike most English blogs written by foreigners, from buyer’s point of view, most of our English blogs are written by local Chinese, from supplier’s point of view. 

As English is not our mother language, the style of writing might not be so beautiful, and maybe there are even some grammar mistakes. But we try to keep our blog original.

We write our thoughts and feelings directly. These blogs are written about import & export fields that we have a strong background in and deep understanding of (we are dealing with buyers everyday over the past 16 years). 


Instead of simply copying and pasting in order to post new blogs every day, we’d rather have less content and keep this blog simple and even kind of empty, just like the style of Chinese painting (empty space will bring out the beauty of the painting).

Maybe you cannot fully agree with our points. It is normal. We just hope to give buyers some things to think about from the sight of Chinese suppliers.  If some of our points are helpful for you, we will be quite satisfied.  


Some of our original blogs are written by our foreign sales (they are from USA, Brail, UK and Russia). All of them have lived in China for a long time, and most of them can speak very fluent Chinese.  I can say, they are truly experts on Chinese culture and can write blogs from another point of view.

V-Trust team
Ted Zhang
General Manager, MBA
Audited 600+ factories in last 18 years
Strong knowledge in production
Expert in quality control & trade consulting
AQSIQ Inspector Qualification Certificate

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