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Helping Buyers Sleep Better: A day in the life of a V-Trust inspector

12 / 28 / 2012

Sometimes clients ask how we actually work at the factory.  

Our slogan says: “Helping buyers sleep better”, and we have been bearing it in mind as a guideline when performing our job. We regard it not only as our slogan, but as a goal we are trying our best to achieve each inspection we conduct.  

Here’s a glance of a normal working day of a V-Trust inspector, Allan. 

7:00 a.m., 

When most people are still enjoying their beautiful dreams, Allan had set off from home. 

Allan arrived at the coach station in half an hour. 

During the 2-hour-trip to the factory, Allan spent one and a half hours in reviewing again all the information and documents for the inspection. He made some notes of the key points that he should pay attention to. After that, Allan took about half an hour for a short rest as he has to keep his mind clear and alert. 

When he got off the coach, he swiftly found and boarded the bus bound for the factory in order to get there as early as possible. 

9:20 a.m., 

The inspector arrived at the factory.

Allan took out the Code of Conduct sheet, carefully explained it to the factory personnel and asked them to confirm and sign it if agreed. Soon after that, he started his work. 

He checked the total quantity carefully and chose the cartons that are to be inspected as per the sampling plan. He supervised the workers to make sure they picked the correct cartons. 

Allan then chopped the cartons and took photos of shipping marks, and picked up the samples carefully. One style after another, he checked the packing, workmanship, functions, materials, etc. After, workmanship check, the weight check, product specification check, labeling check, on-site tests, etc. were conducted one by one orderly. Allan checked the goods, referring to the docs, data sheet and approved samples.

12:30 p.m.

Allan went to have the lunch with the factory workers. After a short break, he went back and kept on working. In order to finish the inspection efficiently, Allan kept working on and on, even without taking time to rest. He was so absorbed with the inspection that he didn’t even hear the thundering outside.

4:50 p.m. 

When he finished the full sample size, he looked out of the window and a rainbow was smiling at him. 

However his job was not finished. He double checked the defects and marked down the information and took some additional photos. He got the draft report ready and explained it to the factory QC point by point. He patiently and carefully answered any questions they had and then had the factory QC sign the draft report and left one copy for them. 

Before leaving the factory, he called the responsible account manager of the client, informed not only the inspection result, defects and problems he found, but also some information that did not conform to the client’s specification. 

9:15 p.m.  

Soon after Allan arrived home, he devoted his time to writing the report, so as to submit the report that night, on time. It’s an urgent shipment and the client needs to be informed of the inspection result ASAP.

From dawn to dark, this was a day in the life of a V-Trust inspector. To some people, the long hours seem dull, but for Allan, he was satisfied with every defect he found and corrected for the customers. This is a job full of challenge and interest.

V-Trust team
Fred Cao
University degree in English and Foreign Trade
Previously worked for a foreign trade company for 4 years
Highly experienced in sourcing and customer service
Account Manager in V-Trust for 3 years

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