European Testing

Like all other materials and articles intended to come into contact with food, wooden products must comply with the criteria set in regulation 1935/2004/EC. An important aspect is to clarify whether the wood product has been surface treated with oil, coating, wax or other surface treatments and whether glue has been used or not. The main testing for wooden material will be Pentachlorophenol (PCP) and Specific migration of formaldehyde in 3% acetic acid.

For LFGB (Germany) standard, it requests to proceed with testing Pentachlorophenol (PCP), Specific migration of formaldehyde and Sensory test.
About DGCCRF (France) standard, PCP, PCB, specific migration of formaldehyde, extractable heavy metal (Pb, Cd, Hg), sensory test is requested.

The USA Testing

In the United States, wooden and kitchen utensils are manufactured with coconut, cherry, mahogany, poplar, walnut, teak, maple, oak, mulberry, pear, elm, apple, yew and other woods. Meanwhile, cutting boards are produced using ash, balsa, basswood, beech, birch, walnut and maple.

Under FDA 21 CFR, wooden kitchen utensils are subjected to substance restrictions, such as heavy metals, chemicals like bisphenol A, and others. If the wooden kitchen utensils contain an excessive amount of restricted substances, it is illegal to the United States.

California Proposition 65, at the moment, the proposition lists more than 910 kinds of toxic chemicals, and the list keeps expanding. California Prop 65 requires that all the products manufactured or imported to the state of California must be compliant with the limits imposed on restricted substances, and it also covers wooden kitchen utensil products, such as wooden spoons, spatulas, cutting boards, rolling pins, and forks. The restricted substances are Lead, Cadmium, BPA, Phthalates.

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