What is DGCCRF?

DGCCRF is the French abbreviation for the French General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs, and Fraud Control, which regulates and controls products within the French market at all levels, including production, import, and distribution. Regulating foodstuffs and food-related products is one of the main focuses of DGCCRF.

DGCCRF issued a series of documents(DM/4B/COM/002, DM/4B/COM/003, DM/4B/COM/004) in 2016, which set requirements for food contact materials made from inorganic material such as metal, ceramic, plastic, paper, wood or glass, organic materials made from synthetic fibers and organic materials made from plant fibers.

What is the main testing?

  • Overall migration in ethanol
  • Overall migration in 3% acetic acid
  • Overall migration in vegetable oil
  • Specific migration of metals
  • Volatile organic matter
  • Specific migration of formaldehyde
  • Overall migration in vegetable oil
  • Specific migration of primary aromatic amines

What kinds of products/ materials are requested for DGCCRF Testing?

DGCCRF issued a series of documents(DM/4B/COM/001,DM/4B/COM/002, DM/4B/COM/003, DM/4B/COM/004)in 2016,which request the FCMs comply with the standard in French market.

DM/4B/COM/001: for metal and alloy materials contacted with food, presented the latest food safety requirements.

DM/4B/COM/002 mandates the requirements for inorganic materials (except metals), especially ceramics, glass, glass-ceramic, and enamel. It introduces new metal release limits for all articles except lip and rim area.

The document DM/4B/COM/003 mandates the requirements for organic material made of synthetic fibers, especially plastics, complex material (multilayer) and rubber.

The document DM/4B/COM/004 mandates the requirements for organic material made of plant fibers, especially paper and board, with or without coating.

So it is applicable for below materials:

  • Plastic, Stainless steel, Ceramic
  • Rubber, Paper and Paperboard, Steel for packaging with organic coating
  • Silicone, Non-coated steel for packaging (black iron)
  • Enamel, All organic materials in contact with foodstuffs (packaging materials, containers and utensils)

DGCCRF Mission

DGCCRF carries out its missions around three program actions
“regulation and security of trade in goods and services”

The safety of consumers

The DGCCRF intervenes on all products, at different production, import, distribution, as well as the services.

The competitive market regulation

The aim is to ensure the conditions for a balanced and transparent functioning of markets.

The economic protection of consumers

Review of the situation of public procurement to ensure equitable and transparent access.

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