What is EMC?

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing measures the ability of equipment or systems to function satisfactorily in their electromagnetic environment without introducing intolerable electromagnetic disturbance to anything in that environment.

The (EMC) Directive 2014/30/E limits electromagnetic emissions from equipment to ensure that, when used as intended, such equipment does not disturb radio and telecommunication, as well as other equipment. The directive also governs the immunity of such equipment to interference and seeks to ensure that this equipment is not disturbed by radio emissions, when used as intended.

What kinds of products are applicable for EMC testing?

  • Medical
    Equipment susceptible to RF emissions can be fatal for the patients. The FDA requires all devices to meet the IEC standards.
  • Consumer goods
    Devices such as smartphones, Xboxes, lighting products home appliance products and laptops that connect to Wi-Fi need to undergo EMC testing before entering the market.
  • Automotive
    Car products require EMC testing for car engines, radios, and in-connected car features. The increasing electrification of cars makes EMC testing more important than before.
  • Industrial
    Equipment used in the manufacturing environment, such as machineries, control systems, robotics need to be EMC compatible.

EMC testing is a mandatory requirement in most markets, including Europe, the US, China, Korea, Australia and New Zealand. Electromagnetic compatibility testing is necessary to help you meet regulatory requirements, improve product performance, identify potential safety issue, increase marketability, and reduce the risk of costly non-compliance.

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