What is Tailor-Made Testing?

Tailer-Made Testing is a systematic process that examines the various aspects of a product to determine its quality, functionality, performance, and suitability for the intended market. It can include assessing the design, features, user experience, and, more importantly, how well it meets customer expectations and solves their problems.

The customized process outlined involves several key steps to thoroughly assess a product's performance, usability, and competitiveness in the market.

Gathering feedback from users

This step involves collecting feedback from individuals or groups who have used the product in real-world situations. By obtaining insights directly from users, organizations can understand user experiences, satisfaction levels, and identify areas for improvement.

Testing the product under real usage process

It allows evaluators to observe how the product performs in its intended environment. This step involves putting the product through various use cases and situations that closely mimic its intended use. By observing the product in action, evaluators can identify any potential issues, performance bottlenecks, or usability challenges that may not be evident in controlled testing environments.

Comparing it with similar products on the market

Comparing the product with similar offerings from competitors provides valuable insights into its strengths, weaknesses, and unique selling points. This comparative analysis involves benchmarking the product against competing products in terms of features, performance, pricing, and customer satisfaction, which will maintain competitiveness in the market.

Each of these steps contributes to a comprehensive evaluation process that helps organizations make informed decisions about their products, prioritize areas for improvement, and ultimately deliver better value to their customers.

Based on above, besides regulatory compliance testing, tailor-made product evaluation service is necessary.

Product Evaluation Serivce (Tailor-Made Testing)

  • Durability Testing
  • Function Testing
  • Stability test
  • Product or Package drop test
  • Label and Packaging Review
  • Instruction Manual Verification
  • Quality Comparison
  • High & low temperature test
  • Construction check
  • Lumens Testing
  • Burning Tests (like candle burning, fabric burning, etc)
  • Hardness Tests (pencil, knife, etc)

How to receive a tailor-Made Testing plan?

A tailor-made testing service includes sections to capture information related to manufacturing processes, design specifications, functional performance, user feedback. Below are various aspects need to provide.

  • Product description: Describe the product being evaluated, including its purpose, target market, and unique selling point.
  • Evaluation criteria: List the specific criteria you expect us to use to evaluate the product. This might include safety, quality, durability, and customer satisfaction. If there is no specific idea, V-Trust team will provide you customized product evaluation service plan.
  • Recommendations:If you want a product to have a prominent selling point or advantage, you can tell us that we will provide customized test points according to the desired attributes.

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