Food Contact Materials Physical Properties Testing

Physical properties testing expertise includes key physical property characteristics for a wide range of materials. Our team can support Food Contact Materials physical properties testing. Below are some physical properties testing as per related standard.

  • Cookware - Domestic cookware for use on top of a stove, cooker or hob under testing standard EN 12983-1.
  • Ovenware -it is tested based on standard EN 13834. EN 13834 specifies safety and performance requirements for items of ovenware for use in domestic ovens.
  • Dishwashing resistance --Mechanical dishwashing resistance of utensils is tested under EN 12875.
  • Microwave resistance --Materials and articles in contact with food stuffs - Test method for the resistance to microwave heating of ceramic, glass, glass-ceramic or plastic cookware under testing standard EN 15284.
    EN 15284 Microwave resistance test for the determination of the resistance to microwave heating of cookware made of ceramic, glass, glass-ceramic or plastics.
  • Thermal shock resistance --EN 1183 Thermal shock resistance for brittle materials, for example glass, glass-ceramics and ceramics intended for use in ovens or as tableware.
  • Vacuum Water Bottle - Testing standard is EN 12546-1 , Part 1: Specification for Vacuum Ware, Insulated Flasks and Jugs.

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