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What is EN71?

The EN71 toy safety standard was implemented to ensure the safety of children’s toys and prevent harmful products from entering the EU market. As such, it is a mandatory standard for all imported and manufactured toys in the EU to be tested and comply with the applicable EN 71 standards. EN 71 comprises 13 sections which regulate the Safety of Toys. The most commonly requested tests are the first three sections.

EN71-1 is concerned with the mechanical and physical elements of the toy. In short it is checking to see if any of the mechanical or physical features of the toy could injure a child whilst it is being played with. This includes, among other things, determining if there are sharp points on the toy could easily be swallowed.

EN71-2 is a legal requirement to ensure Toys and Dress up Costumes are tested to EN71-2, Flammability. The EN71-2 regulation looks at a number of different factors which could lead to a injury to a child due to flammability. These include determining the presence of any flammable materials that are prohibited in children's play things, how long the item burns for and how quickly flames spread across it.

EN71-3 is focusing on studying the chemicals contained in the toy and the levels in which they are present. Since July 2013, the regulation has extended the metal restrictions and application scope to a wider range of toys. There are 19 metals restricted now.

Which products does EN71 apply to?

It is important to note the directive is subject to toys or products targeted at children. Under the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC (Toy Safety Directive), all children’s products or toys targeted 14 years or younger are subject to this directive. Some examples of product categories are below:

  • Electronic Toys
  • Soft Toys
  • Educational Toys
  • Arts and Crafts
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