European Testing

Food packaging materials made from paper and board are not covered by harmonized European legislation today. However, such food contact materials are also covered by the scope of Framework Regulation EC (No.) 1935/2004 and have to fulfil the requirements of Article 3. A range of food scandals in recent years were caused by contaminations induced by migration from food packaging made from paper and board. So high attention should be paid to these kinds of materials. In addition, the paper and board for food packaging and paper are mainly used in cooking and baking.

To prove the suitability of this kind of material with the requirements of the Framework Regulation, other documents of European countries, they can be used as reference, such as:
  • German Institute on Risk Assessment (BfR) Recommendations XXXVI on Paper and Board for Food Contact
  • Council of Europe Resolution CM/Res (2020)9 on Paper and Board materials and articles intended to come into contact with food
  • Industry Guideline for the Compliance of Paper & Board Materials and Articles for Food Contact
  • French DGCCRF FCM Sheet (also as recommended sheet) DGCCRF Sheet MCDA n ° 4 (V02 - 01/01/2019) Suitability for food contact of organic materials based on vegetable fibers

The USA Testing

Paper and Paperboard, as a kind of packaging materials. US FDA 21 CFR 176.170 and 21 CFR 176.180 regulation needs to follow up, related testing included:
  • Net chloroform soluble extractives for water fraction
  • Net chloroform soluble extractives for 8 % alcohol fraction
  • Net chloroform soluble extractives for 50% alcohol fraction
  • Net chloroform soluble extractives for n-heptane fraction

For our team, with in-depth knowledge of the industry, regulatory expertise, and comprehensive testing programs, our food contact engineers work closely with leading food packaging manufacturers and stakeholders across the supply chain to ensure the products are safe and of high quality, meeting the regulatory requirements.

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