As a buyer, you may receive lots of lab testing reports from your suppliers. These reports are the important files to show related goods match target selling market regulations.

However, whether all of these testing reports really effective ?

  • 1. The testing report shows all comprehensive testing result ?
  • 2. The testing report shows the newest testing standard?
  • 3. The testing report shows the exact testing samples you would like to have?

We are glad to tell you that we help you to arrange test report review service. We will check many important points in the test report as below.

  • 1. The lab’s accreditation
  • 2. The test standards appliable to your product & your destination market.
  • 3. The test items following the latest regulations
  • 4. Product photo/description/model number comparison
  • 5. Factory/ supplier information comparison
  • 6. The test report issued time (should less than one year)

We hope all the testing reports you have in hand match related destination market, without any selling risk.

Volume discount available

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