What LFGB is?

LFBG is the German abbreviation for the Food and Commodities Act. It is short for Lebensmittel- und Futtermittelgesetzbuch, which is considered the most important food safety management act for Germany. All the food-related products are required to pass the corresponding tests and be compliant with LFGB in order to enter the German market.

It is a standard especially for food products and others that are closely connected to foods such as food packaging materials, kitchen, and household items wherein there is a possibility of being migrated of noxious chemicals into the food. In contact with food, if you have a knife and fork logo, it means the product has been tested with German and European standards, compliance with regulatory requirements.

What the logo of LFGB should be?

LFGB is symbolized by a logo “knife and fork” which represents food security. The products with LFGB logo, it can enhance customer confidence, and the desire to buy, which is a powerful marketing tool that significantly increased product competitiveness in the market.

What kinds of products are requested for LFGB Testing?

  • Tableware:
    plates, knives and forks, bowls, chopsticks, spoons, cups, saucers, lunchboxes, etc.
  • Kitchen utensils:
    pots, spatulas, cutting boards, stainless steel kitchen utensils, pan, thermos cup, etc.
  • Food packaging containers:
    various food packaging bags, storage tank, seasoning bottle, sealed can, paper, etc.
  • Kitchen electric appliances:
    coffee machine, juicer, blender, electric kettle, rice cooker, oven, microwave containers, etc.
  • Children's products:
    baby bottles, pacifiers, molars, thermos cups, milk heaters, complementary food cooking tools, etc.
Other products that are in direct contact with or may be in contact with food also need FDA testing.

What is the main Testing of LFGB?

The food contact materials must not threaten human health or bring about changes in food's composition, smell, and taste.

  • Sensorial examination: the transfer of smell and taste from products to food
  • Plastic migration test and extractable heavy metal test
  • Metal composition and extractable heavy metal test
  • Material tests to assess the danger of chemical hazards in accordance with Germany's Chemicals Act.

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Q & A:

  • For silicone material testing, whether LFGB is stricter than FDA or not?

    Yes, The LFGB standard is stricter and harder to pass than the FDA standard. The FDA standard and LFGB standard designates that a silicone product is safe for human use. Products are tested using different environments and methods to check the purity of the silicone. Only when specific levels of purity are met will the silicone product be considered safe for human use.

  • How long it takes for finishing lab testing? Can it be expedited?

    The normal testing time is 5 working days. If the report is urgently needed, please inform our customer service team when you place an order with us.

  • How many samples needed for LFGB testing?

    For Different materials, the sample quantity will be different. Please advise the exact testing products material, then we will inform you the exact sample quantity.