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V-Trust Annual Meeting (2016-2017)

More than 170 staff members attended V-Trust's Annual Meeting in Zhuhai, China,
18 - 19 Feb., 2017 (Except some inspectors on-duty that weekend.)

Speech at Annual Meeting, by Dr. Ted Zhang, CEO of V-Trust

Area managers and inspector supervisors at V-Trust Area Management Meeting

Area managers and inspector supervisors reviewed the achievements & lessons in 2016,
and planned the working arrangements for 2017.

This photo, taken at midnight of 17th Feb., 2017, shows senior inspectors in Shantou area
discussing how to keep improving and providing better services to customers.

Some staff from Customer Service Department 2

Some foreign staff from the Customer Service Department

Our hosts at the annual party

Most Outstanding Employees Award - 1

Congratulations to our inspectors who got the 3-Year Zero Compliant Award - 1

Recipients of the Most Outstanding Area in 2016

More than 20 staff members got the 5-Year Service Award in 2016

A captivating performance by the Customer Service Dep. & Inspectors using shadows
to act out a day in the life of an inspector.

A dance performance by the Operations Department & Technical Engineers

Sketches performed by inspectors

Annual Meeting 2015 – 2016