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The Biggest Product Inspection Company in Asia Using Full-Time Inspectors ONLY.

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V-Trust can also help you to arrange lab tests, product certification and some specific function & performance tests for the following countries:

International: IEC China: CCC Canada: IC Japan: JIS/PSE Germany: GS, DIN, etc. Australia & New Zealand: RCM, SAA, etc.

Please contact us at for detailed pricing information.

Abbreviation of Standards Full name of Standards Countries Recognition
AS/NZ Standards Australia & New Zealand Australia & New Zealand
DIN Deutsches Institut Fur Normung Germany
GB Standardization of China China
IDFB International Down & Feather Bureau Most Countries in the World
JIS Japanese Industrial Standards Japan
NF Association Francaise de Normalisation France
BIS Bureau of Indian Standards India
SASO Saudi Arabian Standards Organization Saudi Arabia
IEC International Electrical Commission International