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¡Su elección No. 1 para  Inspecciones en la REGIÓN COSTERA  de China!
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Puestos Disponibles
Job Title: Account manager
Posted date: 2015-12-01 Expiration Date: 2016-01-31 Available Positions: 2
Salary: Basic salary (13 months) + commission + other incentive Location: Guangzhou, China (close to Pazhou Metro Station)
Job Type: Full-time
Department: The customer service department
Job Requirements: -Attend Canton Fair, overseas exhibitions.
-Promote our services of shipment inspection, factory audit and lab testing.
-Arrange inspections and follow up clients" requirement.
-Send inspection reports to clients and gather their feedback.
-Provide consulting service to clients on inspection, lab testing and foreign trade business
Qualifications: -Bachelor degree.
-Three years' working experience in foreign trade business.
-CET 6 or above, fluent in English speaking, listening and writing.
-Good skills of expression and communication.
-Responsible, hard-working and be willing to work overtime.
How to Apply: Please forward your application and details of your relevant qualifications and experience,
contact address and telephone number to